PLM | What is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)?

In many enterprises, organizing and maintaining information across a project can be a challenge. Information needs to be accessible and updated from a variety of sources, and by a variety of people. Important decisions are made based on this information, … Continued

Enovia: PLM for Collaboration, Innovation, and Management

Enovia product lifecycle management (PLM) software from Dassault Systèmes is a family of applications that simplifies global collaboration. It includes technical and business tools to improve management and drive innovation. Role-based functionality and customizable dashboards gives you access to the … Continued

New 3D Printers by Markforged

3D printers have revolutionized many industries including design, engineering, and medicine. With 3D printers, iteration is fast and customized parts are easily created. Markforged has blazed an exciting trail in the 3D printing industry. Markforged innovated: The first 3D printers … Continued

3D Bioplotter | Biomedical Printing from EnvisionTEC

The 3D Bioplotter from EnvisionTEC is a groundbreaking 3D printer. It has been utilized in over 150 medical research studies and assisted in the creation of new manufacturing techniques. It is particularly cutting-edge in the biomedical world with its applications … Continued

SIMULIA | Tosca Fluid

SIMULIA Tosca Fluid is a fluid flow optimization program for non-parametric models and is part of the SIMULIA suite of Tosca simulation products along with Tosca Structure which is a structural optimization module. With SIMULIA Tosca Fluid and Tosca Structure, … Continued

EXALEAD | OnePart Features and Benefits

EXALEAD OnePart is a business discovery application that can help engineers and designers source and standardize parts for reuse. Searching for parts has always been an extremely error prone and time consuming task, but designing new parts costs a significant … Continued

SIMULIA | Tosca Structure

SIMULIA Tosca Structure is a structural optimization program for non-parametric modeling. It is a highly flexible modular software system that can streamline and increase efficiency in your design process. The main goal of Tosca Structure is to help you design … Continued

Electronics Cooling in FloEFD

FloEFD for CATIA is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool that can perform a variety of simulations to test flow and heat transfer. One of its key applications is thermal analysis for electronics. FloEFD offers an electronics cooling module in … Continued