Click2Cast 4.1: Advanced Casting Simulation

Click2Cast is the advanced casting simulation software that is part of the solidThinking simulation portfolio. It works alongside Click2Extrude, which is used for metal and polymer extrusion simulation, and Click2Form, which is used for sheet metal forming simulation. This family of programs utilizes intuitive UI and quick onboarding processes, which helps experts and non-experts alike perform advanced simulations that save their organization time and money.

Casting Simulation Benefits

Increase Manufacturing Quality and Save Resources

Casting simulation allows teams to quickly evaluate the casting process to determine part complexity and price estimates. With this information, designers can predict common casting defects early on, which helps them optimize the molds as well as the running and feeding systems. Through optimizations, organizations can avoid the costly trial and error iteration processes that can quickly deplete resources and waste time.

Casting simulation helps organizations save time and money by determining casting defects early in the development process.

Design High-Quality Products

Through casting simulation and analysis, designers can determine how easily a cast will form and then optimize or alter the design accordingly. Solidification visualization can also help determine the best ingate location. All of this data can guide manufacturing engineers through the refinement process and help them avoid common casting errors and defects.

Click2Cast 4.1

New Features

The latest Click2Cast 4.1 release includes a variety of useful features including:

  • Materials Editor: This feature was specifically added at the request of existing Click2Cast customers. Users can change and add properties to materials within the library for increased accuracy during casting simulation. It also simplifies the process of editing and creating components for parts, chillers, and sleeves.
  • Foundry Coating Support: Foundry coatings are used to support and protect against high casting temperatures, acting as a barrier between the metal and mold surface. Click2Cast can now take into account both isolating and conducting coating types when performing the casting simulation.
  • Porosity Prediction Based on NIYAMA Criterion: In previous Click2Cast versions, only macro porosity could be calculated and now, micro porosity can also be determined. Click2Cast considers critical micro porosity value ranges based on NIYAMA criteria. This is crucial as micro porosity can cause issues during casting that result in weak parts. Once the simulation is complete, users can also analyze the size of the voids created by contraction and inspect the interior of the part for further optimization.

Improved Features

Click2Cast 4.1 also includes improvements to existing casting simulation features like:

    Click2Cast - casting simulation - working

  • Core Verification: All surfaces that come in contact with the core can be added to the components panel. Users can also define the material and temperature of the core for more accurate simulations.
  • Single-Click Mold Temperature Definition: With a single click, users can automatically create a mold mesh to assist with the analysis and visualization of mold temperatures during casting.
  • Chiller Analysis: Users can now be more specific when analyzing the effects of a chiller in casting simulation. By selecting all of the surfaces that come in with the chiller and having the ability to define specific parameters, users can get more accurate simulation results.
  • Consider Multi-Mold Materials: Easily simulate the effects of a secondary mold material, by defining the properties and temperatures of the material using a secondary mesh. This can help users understand the specific warming and cooling effects that occur in certain areas.
  • More Definition Parameters for Gravity and Investment Casting: Users can specify the spoon height, flow times, and flow rates for casting simulation. The new investment casting template also allows users to define shell thickness without increasing the complexity of the model.
  • Sleeve Parameters: Define specific sleeve parameters and select surfaces that come in contact with the sleeve to accurately predict temperature evolution, shrinkage porosity, and solidification behavior.


Create Better Products with Click2Cast

Casting is a crucial manufacturing process involved in many products that we use every day. Click2Cast - casting simulation - faucetPerforming casting simulation early in the design process helps engineers optimize parts for cost effective operations. Organizations no longer have to waste time and money iterating designs, instead they can use simulation to be sure that their part will cast perfectly the very first time. Click2Cast’s intuitive UI makes it easy for experts and non-experts to use, with pre-determined 5-step casting templates for:

  • Gravity die casting
  • Gravity sand casting
  • Investment casting
  • High pressure casting
  • Low pressure die casting
  • Tilt pouring casting


Late stage casting defects can be catastrophic when organizations are trying to meet rigorous quality, performance, and safety standards on tight timelines. Avoid these defects and improve overall product design with Click2Cast from solidThinking.


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