Your designers and engineers regularly design and create new parts every day. But every new part adds to the complexity and cost structure of your manufacturing process.

EXALEAD OnePart allows your team to quickly search for and reuse similar or equivalent parts from existing inventory and designs. The savings in both hard and soft costs across the enterprise is immense.

  • Rapidly find and compare similar parts hidden inside data sources and silos scattered throughout the company.
  • Search using criteria like similarity, shape, metadata, and semantic-linked documents and related information.

Reusing parts saves:

  • Design and documentation time
  • Manufacturing and material costs
  • Inventory and storage costs
  • Production and logistical complications
  • Quality control costs



3 Minute overview of EXALEAD OnePart



See EXALEAD OnePart in action with an airplane design



EXALEAD OnePart saving time and money in developing new tooling



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