Electronics Cooling in FloEFD

FloEFD for CATIA is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool that can perform a variety of simulations to test flow and heat transfer. One of its key applications is thermal analysis for electronics. FloEFD offers an electronics cooling module in which CFD can predict heat transfer flow to give accurate temperature profiles. The module includes tools for baseline analysis, optimized design, and has a variety of other capabilities, making it a great product for engineers and designers alike.

FloEFD’s electronic cooling module makes it easy to perform flow and heat transfer simulations.

Baseline Analysis Tools

FloEFD for CATIA includes baseline analysis tools that can help analyze models early in the design process. Flow trajectories use animations to visualize air movement throughout the enclosed model. Probing gives the user the ability to easily temperature check the design to ensure that industry heat thresholds and limits are met.

Optimized Design

Since FloEFD is embedded, optimizing the design is simple. Parametric studies can be completed with various design experiments. The FloEFD solve scenario table shows the test results for a variety of scenarios to help determine the best. These tests, along with the baseline analysis tools help optimize the design process by catching problems early and before expensive prototypes are generated.

Specific Capabilities

  • Joule Heating: Allows electrical boundary conditions to be applied and calculate the sub sequential voltage drop as well as the associated heating impacts in electrically conductive materials
  • Two-Resistor Compact Model: Defines JEDEC thermal metrics, which allows for a better representation of IC packages
  • Heat Pipe Compact Model: Heat pipe effects can be simulated without a direct calculation of the internal two-phase flow
  • PCB Generator: PCBs can be defined by stack up and copper content to determine orthotropic material conductivity property
  • Libraries: Additional libraries are included for typical electronics cooling applications with popular brands and models. These libraries include: fans, two-resistor components, thermoelectric modules, and cover a variety of materials

Watch this video to see an example of FloEFD in action!

This video from Mentor Graphics shows FloEFD in Creo, however the electronics cooling module works the same in CATIA and is completely native!

Other Applications

FloEFD’s electronics cooling module can be helpful in heat transfer testing for a wide array of devices including:

  • Natural convection cooled devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Telecoms equipment
  • LEDs
  • Water-cooled high powered electronics

Plus, with libraries that include common brands and parts it is easy to run tests based on parts that will actually be used.

The tools in FloEFD module for electronic cooling can be used to test a variety of electronic devices.

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