Enovia: PLM for Collaboration, Innovation, and Management

Enovia product lifecycle management (PLM) software from Dassault Systèmes is a family of applications that simplifies global collaboration. It includes technical and business tools to improve management and drive innovation. Role-based functionality and customizable dashboards gives you access to the tools you need to make important decisions. Enovia PLM is the platform to create great experiences for your employees and customers from development all the way to point-of-sale.

Enovia increases collaboration and product quality while reducing reworks and development costs.

PLM implementation projects can be a huge undertaking, but with 3DSMAN we have the experience and staff to make the process easy. Our professional services include attendant consulting, configuration, training, and long-term support to ensure the success of all of your Enovia projects.


Supplier Relationships

Relationships are key to the success of your business. Enovia simplifies the complex process of managing suppliers, sourcing materials, and ensuring the proper development process by connecting the supply chain to a single management environment. Seamless connections between all teams provide enhanced collaboration and decision-making.

Streamline complex processes while building strong collaborative relationships.

Customer Relationships

Easily capture and manage all of the customers’ requirements throughout the development process, while connecting product features and capabilities to the needs of the customer. Full traceability simplifies the development process and clarifies decision. Plus, with Enovia retail simulation tools, you can analyze products in life-like 3D environments to optimize shelf performance and the consumer experience.

Make customer requirements part of the product development process instead of an afterthought.

Design for High-Tech

Design effectively, even with dispersed teams, by providing product data visibility early in the development cycle and before final decisions are made. Designers and engineers can eliminate design errors by working with current information, as data is dispersed to all necessary files and modules when designs are modified. Enovia features a modular design approach which optimizes design reuse and collaboration.

Eliminate unnecessary design reworks by having all of your product data easily available.


Quality and Compliance

Most manufacturers use a Quality Management System (QMS), but these systems don’t address all aspects of compliance. With Enovia, you can easily enforce your quality control standards while making sure you meet regulatory requirements. It’s not just about compliance in finished products, it’s about meeting regulatory standards throughout development. Enovia provides compliance managers with a platform to request, review, and approve product materials early in the design process.

Enovia can help you ensure that all local and global regulatory requirements are met.

Global Product Development

If new desirable products are unavailable in a certain area, customers will look for alternative solutions. A global release is key to retaining your position in the market. Enovia provides you with the tools and collaboration methods to easily support any global product launch.

Global product launches are key to maintaining your competitive position in the market.


Bill of Materials

Many teams must collaborate to get a product to market, which can make maintaining the bill of materials (BoM) a complicated challenge. Enovia management tools allow your organization to maintain a single version of the truth. No more guessing or updating the BoM daily, you have one source to provide stakeholders and team members with the information they need. Inventory management is streamlined and users can get the right parts when they need them.

Provide access to a single and up-to-date version of the truth for everyone in the development and manufacturing processes.

Configuration and Change

Business agility is key to maintaining your position in the market. That’s why Enovia makes it easy to manage change throughout your development process to keep up with rapidly altering consumer demand. By providing your organization with an enterprise-wide change approval process, collaboration is simplified and you can be sure that no last minute alterations surprise anyone.

Maintain business agility with enterprise-wide change approval processes.

Program and Product Planning

Currently, many organizations use disconnected applications and resources to maintain product information. This creates a time-consuming and error-prone process when important business decisions need to be made. With Enovia, all product data is maintained in a single environment that can be consulted for decision-making. Decisions can be assessed against the project schedule with a clear understanding of how each part can impact the portfolio. Plus, with “invisible governance” projects are updated in real-time allowing you to identify risks and problems before they arise, so you are always ahead of the game.

Identify problems before they arise so you can make the appropriate changes and keep your project on schedule.

Enovia PLM

Enovia is the premiere PLM software solution. With up-to-date access for everyone involved in a project, informed decisions are made that result in better products. Your organization can focus on innovation instead of fixing design mistakes caused by unorganized data. Increase efficiency and productivity with Enovia PLM.

3DSMAN is committed to making all of your Enovia projects successful. By purchasing with us, you get to take advantage of our professional services including attendant consulting, training, and technical support. With configuration and set up services you don’t have to tackle the complicated PLM integration process on your own – we are here to help!

Think Enovia is the PLM solution for you? Contact us today or sign up for a free trial!


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