Markforged Mark X: The Newest 3D Printer from Markforged

The Mark One and Two are great 3D printers, but Markforged just announced their most advanced printer to date. The Markforged Mark X is now available and we are thrilled about it!

As a reseller of Markforged 3D printers, as well as a variety of other brands, we understand what is on the market. We can say with confidence that the Mark X is the best printer Markforged has ever built. It is an all-around incredibly powerful printer at a great price.

With all of these improvements over previous printers, we’re certain that the Mark X will be a great fit for many of our customers. The Markforged Mark X can easily replace traditional low-volume mold-injection manufacturing. For many use-cases, it’ll be faster, cheaper, and provide higher quality parts.

The Mark X can print parts as strong as metal in a variety of materials including: Onyx, Carbon Fiber, and Fiberglass!

How does it compare to previous 3D printers from Markforged?

The Markforged Mark X improves on the capabilities of the already remarkable Markforged Mark 2 in several ways:

  • Bigger parts: Print volume 2.5x larger measuring 13.0” x 9.8” x 7.9”
  • Higher resolution: Double the precision with a resolution of 50 microns. Prints have a breakthrough “sheen” finish.
  • Built-in quality controls: The laser micrometer is built right in, and with in-process laser inspection, you can ensure that your prints will be exactly as you designed

With all of these features the Mark X can easily replace some of your existing production machines. Think about all the time and money you could save not needing to create injection-molding. Plus, since it can create strong and silky-smooth parts, prints can be used as final production pieces.

The Markforged Mark X has the capacity to provide real manufacturing

The Markforged Mark X is only $69,000 and it’s available now.

The Mark X prints bigger parts, at a higher resolution, with guaranteed precision.

Trying to decide whether or not you should upgrade?

We have an incredible deal for you.

If you purchased any Markforged printer through 3DSMAN, we will deduct the price of that machine from the price of the Mark X.

We want to take care of our customers, and with 3D technology quickly evolving it’s important to us that we make sure early adopters aren’t left behind simply because of cost. However, we won’t be able to keep this offer going forever, so if you’ve bought a previous Markforged printer from us, give us a call right away.

Contact us for a specialist to work with you to address your needs and see if the Markforged Mark X (or any other printers we offer) is a good fit for you.


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