A complete machining simulation software for debugging, optimizing and running programs for NC (numerical control) machine tools.

Accurately reproduces the company’s production environment. You precisely define the machine-tool, assembly and working environment.

It’s problem-solving capability significantly boosts the cost-effectiveness of the NC environment, including not only programming, but also tooling selection, clamping methods, tools and attachments, machine-tools and the time devoted to the NC process by all the people involved.

Register for one of our free webinars to see how this technology can validate NC programs to reduce scrap, setup time and eliminate collisions on your machine tools.

This demonstration will include:

  • Reading and decoding of NC machine programs.
  • Correcting NC Code
  • Simulating the machine-tool motion taking into account the machine’s characteristics and the machining program,
  • Simulating material removal from the rough stock
  • Gouge Detection
  • Tool Length Optimization
  • Detailed checking of the resulting part dimensions, computes the cross-sections, and compares the finished part with the theoretical CAD model.

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