PLM Comparison: Dassault Enovia Comes Out Ahead of Autodesk Fusion 360

According to Transparency Market Research, the global PLM market will reach $75.87 billion by 2022, a CAGR of 8.1 over the forecast period of 2015 to 2022. Companies in most industries are recognizing the benefits of PLM for faster new product introductions, accurate product data management and products of consistent quality.plm-comparison-enovia-plm-market

The product lifecycle management (PLM) market is expected to reach $75.87 billion in the next 5 years.

That means that to stay competitive, every company will soon need a PLM solution to retain or grow market share, but few companies have either the resources or the expertise to do a detailed PLM search — or even to define the right short list. Two companies that should be on the short list for many companies are Dassault Enovia PLM and Autodesk Fusion 360. To help get you started, we’ve done a high-level PLM comparison of these two products. Although we have a relationship with Dassault, we promise our PLM comparison will be fair and impartial.

PLM Comparison

Strategic Supplier and Customer Relationship Management: Advantage Enovia PLM

Enovia PLM has highly functional capabilities for managing both customer and supplier relationships. Strategic customer management includes the ability to capture data about customer needs and helping to make connections between product features and customer needs. For companies that sell into retail channels, Enovia PLM includes a 3-D experience that enables you to work with customers to explore the retail environment, including shelf layouts.

Autodesk Fusion has new product introduction templates and project plans, but they are just that: project plans. There is no attempt to capture the voice of the customer and no 3-D visualizations to excite customers.

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Both products include strategic supplier support processes, but only ENOVIA PLM considers the customer an integral part of the PLM process.

New Product Introduction: Tie Game

Both Enovia PLM and Autodesk Fusion 360 offer project management tools to help control the new product introduction process. Although Enovia goes a little further in providing role-based templates than Autodesk Fusion, the products offer essentially identical capabilities.

Quality and Risk Management: Advantage Enovia PLM

Autodesk Fusion 360 approaches quality and compliance with a solid workmanlike stance, offering templates and workflows to cover the CAPA, RMA and engineering change processes. While the functionality is all there, it feels as if the developers worked from an RFP checklist rather than from a fundamental understanding of the PLM process.

Enovia PLM demonstrates that deep understanding, offering the ability to design quality and compliance into the product from step one and keeping the focus on quality and compliance throughout the entire product life cycle.

Collaboration: Advantage Enovia PLM

Enovia PLM includes IP (intellectual property) protection capabilities in its product. This subset of features enables secure collaboration among designers, suppliers and customers, and it tracks access to IP by user. This robust capability helps ensure that outside stakeholders have access to the info they need to accomplish their roles without giving any outsider access to the entire IP library. This results in secure IP protection, even when outsourcing parts of the design or manufacturing process.
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Autodesk Fusion 360 includes secure collaboration tools, but they are primarily aimed at in-house engineers and designers. There is little or no recognition of the special circumstances that may require giving outsiders access — or of the extra protection that requires.

Industries: Advantage Enovia PLM

Autodesk Fusion takes a one-size-fits-all approach to its product, which is typical of young products born for the cloud. However, manufacturing is an incredibly complex industry. In fact, the term “manufacturing” covers at least 30 distinct variations suited to particular industries. Because of its longevity in the manufacturing industry, Dassault Enovia PLM recognizes this and offers industry-specific bundles and templates to address the unique needs of each variation.

Cloud Deployment: Advantage Autodesk Fusion 360

Dassault has been around for a long time and was originally deployed as an on-premise solution, but they have made great strides in adapting the product to the cloud. They are clearly catching up, and in fact, their capabilities exceed most competitors. Because of their history, they offer a unique advantage over their all-cloud competitors. Enovia customers can choose whether to deploy modules on-premise or in the cloud, although a few role-based templates are still on-premise only. This dual-deployment option is a big advantage for existing customers, large companies or global deployments that include areas with poor internet access. However, the majority of new customers will want to deploy their PLM solution in the cloud.

Enovia PLM has two deployment options: on-premise or cloud.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is cloud only. It was designed and engineered for the cloud, so it is highly performant in a networked multi-tenant environment. Also, like many cloud companies, Autodesk makes its pricing and support policies extremely transparent.

Recap: Enovia PLM Benefits

Based on our detailed PLM comparison, Enovia is the clear winner. Enovia PLM has been around long enough to develop rich functionality in every discipline within the PLM canon, and during that time, its team has learned the nuances of design, innovation and industry. Enovia also benefits from integration with Dassault’s other well-known products, including CATIA and Solidworks. In addition, Dassault has long been a leader in 3-D imaging and CAD applications, giving it a huge leg up on newcomer Autodesk Fusion.

Enovia PLM is the clear winner in this face-off with multiple advantages including advanced collaboration and quality control tools.

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