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SIMULIA Tosca Structure is a structural optimization program for non-parametric modeling. It is a highly flexible modular software system that can streamline and increase efficiency in your design process. The main goal of Tosca Structure is to help you design the best products, from the least amount of material, at the lowest cost. Plus, with compatibility for many programs, modules, extensions, and platforms it is the perfect program for all of your simulation needs.

Using SIMULIA Tosca Structure, you can streamline your design process and increase efficiency.


Flexibility in Design

SIMULIA Tosca Structure allows for flexibility in the early and late stages of the design process. In the early stages of design, Tosca Structure can reveal various design options to reduce weight and materials, while also maintaining and improving the rigidity and durability of the product. In the late stages of design, when improvements and major changes are limited, Tosca Structure can investigate stress points in conjunction with stress reducing materials to find solutions without making geometrical changes.

SIMULIA Tosca Structure allows for flexibility in both early and late stages of the design process.

Simulation Tools

Through the variety of simulation tools available, you can save weight and ensure the highest product quality. There is no need to guess or test multiple times– with simulation you can be sure your product will perform as it is supposed to. And, unlike many other simulation programs, there is no need for time-consuming, error-prone, model simplification, you can perform simulations directly on your model. SIMULIA Tosca Structure even utilizes realistic simulations that can handle non-linear analysis right within the program.

Simulation tools allow you to save materials while decreasing weight and ensure you have the highest product quality.

Overall Optimization

All of these benefits come together to optimize your designs, ensuring you have the best products possible. Design decisions can be made quickly by changing the mesh geometry, allowing for fast and easy creations of design variants. Geometric changes can be applied directly to the finite element mesh, removing the need for intermediate CAD modifications. In addition, users can define optimization tasks through Tosca’s intuitive interface, allowing workflow to be streamlined. This optimization allows for an accelerated design process, which results in products getting to market faster. Plus, with support for ready-to-manufacture product design, you can be sure that you maintain your competitive stance in the market.

Optimization streamlines workflow and accelerates the design process, so your designs can get to market faster.


Topology Optimization

SIMULIA Tosca Structure uses topology optimization in conceptual design to create lighter but stiffer parts and structures. It offers the ability to make designs ready-to-manufacture meaning that fewer prototypes are built, and less physical tests are needed, saving time and money. Designers can now easily produce strong and lightweight parts through material reduction strategies. With these light and durable parts, designers can easily augment optimization with fatigue simulation results, either by using standard or in-house fatigue solvers.

Shape Optimization

With shape optimization, you can not only optimize the shape of your designs during initial design… but also go back and improve old designs. These structural optimization capabilities automatically modify surface geometries to suggest the best shapes for structural and performance needs.

Bead Optimization

Through bead optimization designers can improve the static and dynamic properties of shell structures. SIMULIA Tosca Structure even has optimal layouts that can be used for complex geometries, realistic loads, and manufacturing constraints.


Integration capabilities are seamless and include leading finite element analysis (FEA) and durability solvers. With integration available for a wide range of graphical user interfaces, Tosca Structure is useful for all designers.

The Takeaway

SIMULIA Tosca Structure is a fantastic modular software system perfect for the optimization of all of your products. With Tosca Structure you can be sure that every design has:

  • Maximized performance: through simulation tests and the optimization of weight and shape
  • Minimized material: by finding the best shapes for all structural and performance needs while also using the least material possible
  • Shorter development cycles: by identifying optimal geometry within manufacturing constraints, you can remove the need for multiple physical tests and prototype builds, allowing products to be ready-to-manufacture
  • Good quality: by performing FEA to ensure strength and durability

SIMULIA Tosca Structure is compatible with CATIA, Creo, Pro/Engineer and Solidworks.

Are you ready to optimize your designs and get your products to market faster? Get a quote for the entire SIMULIA suite or give us a call at 609-367-6369 to discuss your needs or get SIMULIA Tosca Structure pricing.


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