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SIMULIA Tosca Fluid is a fluid flow optimization program for non-parametric models and is part of the SIMULIA suite of Tosca simulation products along with Tosca Structure which is a structural optimization module. With SIMULIA Tosca Fluid and Tosca Structure, you can easily cover all of your simulation needs.

SIMULIA Tosca Fluid specifically aims to help designers create innovative products with optimized designs for all defined design spaces and flow tasks. Tosca Fluid is the perfect solution for all of your fluid flow design needs.

With SIMULIA Tosca Fluid designers can create innovative products with optimized designs for all defined design spaces and flow tasks.

Design the best products, from the least amount of material, at the lowest cost.

SIMULIA Tosca Fluid includes CFD analysis tools and a number of integrations with leading FEA and CFD solvers. With these tools, design development is not only automated but is able to focus on reduced pressure drops and flow uniformity. Plus, since a single CFD solver run is sufficient for design optimization, users have optimized designs and consistent reusability of existing CFD models.

Tosca Fluid integrations allow for automated design development.

Design Flexibility

Similar to Tosca Structure, SIMULIA Tosca fluid eliminates the need for time-consuming parameterization, scripting, and code coupling, allowing for increased design flexibility. Designers can generate innovative ideas based on a defined flow task and the available design space. Tosca Fluid even works with large-scale industrial models that have arbitrary or complex design spaces.

SIMULIA Tosca Fluid works with large-scale industrial models that have complex or arbitrary design spaces.

Topology Optimization

Tosca Fluid includes topology optimization tools to simulate product performance, improve product designs, and virtually validate designs. Users can be sure that their products have the highest quality, efficiency, and flow performance. Its graphical user interface allows for easy geometrical generation of optimized design proposals and simplified post-processing. Tosca Fluid also includes tools for high fidelity optimization to reduce noise levels and improve flow split ratios. All of this optimization allows for advanced designs that have improved product performance and low energy consumption.

Tosca Fluid topology optimization helps users create advanced designs with improved product performance and low energy consumption.

Faster Development Process

Between integrations, design flexibility, and topology optimization, Tosca Fluid speeds up the design development process, allowing your innovations to get to market faster. By combining the optimization and design of fluid flow tasks early in the process, development cycles are significantly shortened. Plus, with automated design development fewer prototypes need to be created as less physical tests are required.

By combining optimization and design earlier in the design process, product development cycles are shortened and innovative designs get to market faster.


There are a wide variety of benefits to using SIMULIA Tosca Fluid, but behind those benefits is powerful software with a wide variety of features including:

Tools to reduce pressure drop and enhance flow uniformity

Through the introduction of innovative design concepts, reduced pressure drop and enhanced flow uniformity is easy. With full design flexibility and the ability to create design proposals in the initial phases, common problems with flow uniformity are easily solved. Since designs can be solved in a single CFD solver run, designs have fast turnaround, again speeding up the development process.

Optimization of flow acoustics

In addition to all the other optimizations available, Tosca Fluid also includes features to help reduce flow instabilities, vibration, and induced noise. By eliminating flow instabilities, designs have significantly less noise which allows for enhanced flow efficiency. This optimization is extremely useful for the stability and noise of particularly sensitive components. In addition, flow acoustics optimization allows for the increased comfort and efficiency throughout all designs.

Flow balancing tasks

SIMULIA Tosca Fluid’s mass flow balancing feature creates the optimized flow distribution in designs. With flow balancing tasks users are able to easily generate design concepts for a desired split flow ratio with multiple given outlets.

Intuitive graphical user interface

One of the best features of Tosca Fluid is its powerful graphical user interface, making it easy for all users to take advantage of a wide array of tools to optimize their designs. With fast setup and intuitive design, designers can execute optimization tasks directly. This feature allows for easy geometry generation and post-processing, resulting in enhanced design proposals.

The Takeaway

SIMULIA Tosca Fluid is powerful modular software that can help your designers generate optimized products with a manufacturing-oriented mindset. With a variety of design optimization tools available, users can avoid error-prone and time-consuming model simplification. Instead, they can perform realistic simulations to ensure that products are of the highest quality. Plus, with shortened development cycles through early optimization and automated design development, your innovative products get to market faster, so you remain competitive in the market.

SIMULIA Tosca Fluid is compatible with StarCCM+ and Fluent.

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