SIMULIA | Tosca Fluid

SIMULIA Tosca Fluid is a fluid flow optimization program for non-parametric models and is part of the SIMULIA suite of Tosca simulation products along with Tosca Structure which is a structural optimization module. With SIMULIA Tosca Fluid and Tosca Structure, … Continued

Modeling and Simulation in Life Sciences Product Design

Life sciences companies face pressure to develop new, innovative products rapidly while continually seeking ways to cut design and product costs. Longer life spans and tightening regulations add the further strictures of avoiding litigation and mitigating safety risks. Designers of … Continued

Learn More with Webinars!

Simulation technologies have infiltrated the design world, proving how easy they can make life for designers and engineers. These upcoming webinars cover a variety of topics from overheating electronics to medical device development. So whether you are looking to refine … Continued