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Click2Cast 4.1: Advanced Casting Simulation

Click2Cast is the advanced casting simulation software that is part of the solidThinking simulation portfolio. It works alongside Click2Extrude, which is used for metal and polymer extrusion simulation, and Click2Form, which is used for sheet metal forming simulation. This family … Continued

CATIA V7: When will it be released?

CATIA V7 hasn’t been released yet. We don’t yet know when it will be released, but here’s what we do know. CATIA is a robust multi-platform software suite that includes CAD, CAE, PLM, and 3D design tools. Since it was … Continued

Retail Technology Trends: Unified Commerce

Forward-thinking businesses are seeking unified solutions to deliver cost savings, in addition to simplified processes to improve the customer experience across channels. They need a single version of the truth, delivered in real time across the business — from the … Continued

PLM | What is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)?

In many enterprises, organizing and maintaining information across a project can be a challenge. Information needs to be accessible and updated from a variety of sources, and by a variety of people. Important decisions are made based on this information, … Continued

Enovia: PLM for Collaboration, Innovation, and Management

Enovia product lifecycle management (PLM) software from Dassault Systèmes is a family of applications that simplifies global collaboration. It includes technical and business tools to improve management and drive innovation. Role-based functionality and customizable dashboards gives you access to the … Continued

New 3D Printers by Markforged

3D printers have revolutionized many industries including design, engineering, and medicine. With 3D printers, iteration is fast and customized parts are easily created. Markforged has blazed an exciting trail in the 3D printing industry. Markforged innovated: The first 3D printers … Continued

Virtual Reality and Retail: Seeing the Future

Seeing Retail’s Future through Virtual Reality Glasses The fashion world has embraced virtual reality (VR) in fits and starts over the past ten years. It has been demonstrated and showcased repeatedly, but results have been regarded as little more than … Continued